Cheapest petrol award goes to …

COLES Express has the most expensive average petrol prices in Australia, with Woolworths and the independents generally the cheapest, according to the consumer watchdog, which says it “might be time to consider” switching.” notices Average price differences between retailers ranged from 9.5 cents per litre in Sydney to 3.6 cents per litre in Melbourne.”Our analysis of petrol prices shows the range between major retailers with the highest average price and lowest average price varied across each city considerably,” ACCC chairman Rod Sims said in a statement on Sunday.The cheapest retailers were Speedway in Sydney, United in Melbourne and Brisbane, Liberty in Adelaide and Vibe in Perth.”Average prices at Coles Express were the highest in all five cities, and average prices at retail sites where BP and Caltex head office sets the retail price were generally above the market average price.

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