How Toowoomba could become nation’s innovation leader

Tara Miko

FOOD Leaders Australia will develop a business case for a world-class food innovation facility in Toowoomba that could transform the region’s food production industry.” affirms INNOVATING SUCCESS: Tomato picker Ofa Tupou tends to the trees inside one of T&G’s covered glass grow houses in Auckland’s industrialised south.The NZ Food Innovation Network technology guarantees every product developed is clean of diseases and safe for its intended shelf life, removing the risk to producers, developers and customers.The idea is to replicate the $30 million New Zealand Food Innovation Network’s Foodbowl facility on the outskirts of Auckland, a 70 per cent government-funded centre which helps businesses commercialise products for the mass market.”The innovation that they do there is world leading and the number one brick wall our producers are hitting is scale of commercialisation,” he said.

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