Kate Moss’ Colorist Opened A One-Stop Shop For Cool-Girl Hair

And if that list isn’t enough of a guarantee that the Margaret Street salon will be this year’s buzziest hair hangout, you can bet that Clarke’s “handpicked hair squad” will back it up.” affirms “The team is really important to me, and I’ve got colorists and stylists that I’ve worked with for a long time that have great skills in different fields,” she tells Refinery29.”For instance, I have the amazing Jessie, who is the best in town for all the film work we work on, while Shannon is a cool girl if you want a pink, bleach, or just complete change.John is my glam boy for our red carpet looks, and I trust Francesca and Carmel with any of my celebrity clients. Francesca even stepped in for me when Kate Winslet needed a red carpet hairdo — I trust all my team who I think are the best in town.”

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