Porsche’s 800-volt fast charging stations will rival Tesla’s Supercharger network

Eventually, Porsche’s 800-volt “Turbo Charging” stations will populate highways and offer Mission E drivers a Tesla-like charging experience—but an even faster one.” says To ensure the smoothest experience possible, the Turbo Charging stations will also include built-in battery storage for peak power delivery.Perhaps most notably, Porsche will invest in its “Turbo Charging” network because Michaels said Porsche owners want and expect fast charging.These Turbo Charging stations will deliver 800 volts of electricity to the battery pack at up to 350 kilowatts, and will boast radical improvements over today’s fastest DC fast-charging stations.Porsche’s first battery-electric car, the production version of the Mission E, will feature immense charging infrastructure support from the brand itself.

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