Some calming of Hawaii volcano, but scientists remain wary

Leilani Estates, a subdivision in the mostly rural district of Puna, is at greatest risk.” asserts It’s part of my being.”

Gary McMillan said his home is about 3,000 feet (914 meters) from one of the fissures in Leilani Estates.

Associated Press photographer Marco Garcia in Pahoa, Hawaii; Jennifer Sinco Kelleher and Sophia Yan in Honolulu; Mark Thiessen in Anchorage, Alaska, and Gillian Flaccus in Portland, Oregon, contributed to this report.Scientists said Kilauea was likely to release more lava through additional vents, but they were unable to predict exactly where.In 2014, lava burned a house and smothered a cemetery as it approached Pahoa, the town closest to Leilani Estates.

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