The Best & Worst of Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows — Diamonds

Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadows | Diamond Finish

Phew!” argues I finally finished reviewing all shades of Make Up For Ever Artist Color Shadow (Diamond Finish) ($17.00 for 0.08 oz.), so how about a summary to recap how well (or poorly) they rated?The new Diamond finish was noticeably less dense/thick, particularly on the lid, which did make it easier to spread across a larger area and easier to pickup with more types of brushes.I was worried that there would be more fallout, but I haven’t noticeable much fallout with the new Diamond shades over the eight to ten hours they last for. Most of them had good pigmentation, though there were a few that were weaker (medium to semi-opaque coverage); a shade like D410 Gold Nugget was a weaker shade before and still is while D326 Lagoon Blue is significantly less pigmented in the new formula.

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