Religion and politics should not mix essay help

  • 27.02.2019
Take the initiative to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards design writing research papers the solution. Priyanshu Rawat said: Jun 9, I think religion and politics should not be mixed because both are two different things.
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Religion has played a role in the division of parties, political policy, and in influencing voters to vote for a particular candidate. Because, suppose one person is there, who who was highly developed in the politics. Means people will conscious about their rights but if there is religion in politics only few people will raise their voice against such issue, leaders can easily ignore their voice just by marking them as a enemy of religion. For a good example of how religion affects politics in our modern world we need not look very far but in our own backyard. I think govt should ban religion based political party in India. We as Indians live our daily lives according to our religion then why should we separate it when it comes to politics.
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Politics and religion are totally different thing. Throughout history, religions and belief systems have been associated with wars, persecution, diasporas, etc. It should be stopped. It should be not be allowed. But by this he did not mean that the particular religion. By Satyanarayana Dasa Many times I read that religion and politics should be kept separate. The rulers of India, the kings, were followers of dharma. Religion is a far more concern topic in India and politics is just a game which never see anything. Apart from all this there are people having different religion love in India with happiness I appreciate that. According to me, political parties should have the respect for every religion by making religion as their main perspective. Sometimes we saw in real life that some politician tries to use the emotion of people regarding their religious belief and tries to incite the people to go against some other group of people who does not pursue the religious belief in their life.

According to me religion should not be mixed with politics because the country like ours which is culturally very rich. Based on our different religions. And the sentiments of its people attached to every religion cannot be overlooked just to win the vote.
Religion and politics should not mix essay help
Submit NO help should not mix Making laws on religious and of some is asinine. What I have seen is that most laws made do should protect the religious persons politics but suppresses others rights because "God says so" In extremes like the administration we are under now, those dogmatic politicians have so much power as the religion rule. What essay scary mix how they are planning to make laws to not their religious views. The very party that claims the bogus populous of "Christianity" are in fact the very opposite of any of Christ's teachings. He hung out with the poor.

Prior to the midth english paper 1 spm speech writing, Catholicism was Italy's state religion; however, a new Constitution in changed this Article 7 of this Italian Constitution declares that the "State and Catholic Church are, each within their own reign, independent and sovereign" Articles 8 and 19 later provide freedom of religion for all Italian citizens
Religion and politics should not mix essay help
Though our literacy rate is going high still there are ppl who easily comes in influence of thse politcians and forget that India s a secular country. No one should encourage it. Though both are supposed to be non-discriminatory and non-judgemental, corruption has taken over both.

The politician should not be mixed with politics. Friends politics is made for us to unite the peoples and solve the problems together rather then to divides. Not much to say I think we all are are awarded with a good nice conscience. He fed them equally. Politics is a part of our life and when the rest of our lives are based on religion then politics should also involve religion. One with other or without other, the situation would still be same.
Religion and politics should not mix essay help
In India, Hinduism should me consider a part of constitution, then India will be grow up more successful than america. Here the leaders also know that our people can be easily influenced by their religion, this is because of illiteracy, they just don't think about who can be the right person to take their views and needs forward. In India illiteracy rate is decreasing day by day but still people are voting on the basis of religion. Which cause rift in the ideological thinking.

Take the psychology essay help uke to participate and contribute your thoughts. Express your positive attitude towards providing the solution. One is related to faith on divine thoughts and another one on behalf of law and rules. Mixture of politics with religion is just a method of getting attention among politicians. Misguiding people is their target for vote bank.
Religion and politics should not mix essay help
The younger should take the charge to lead India with only feeling to serve the country. Haliburton is not alone. Religion actual meaning is to connect us for good purpose and create Peace and love for everyone.
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Religion and politics are two different matter. Politics is purely about the present that is, having a good time in the present. These are the main causes for communalism and other related discriminations. No, the Bible recognizes that some people reject the worship of a supernatural being. In my opinion religion should not be mixed with politics.


This period of Enlightenment encouraged people to study the world around them, think for themselves instead of what others had to say, as well as ask whether the chaotic appearances of things were masking a sense of order. Avataras came as politicians A rare exception is King Vena, but he was rejected by the people. What's the responsibilities of the politicians is they should work for welfare of both of his country and public. Of course, this means that our manner of public interaction should be shaped by the gospel.


In India many peoples live together, and religious politics never lead to the development of the country, our past tells that it had always lead to the quarrels, violence and disturbance in the society. Leave This Blank:.


They call themselves secular but infact they are creating gaps between different religion. So we can remove all these thing by forgetting religion and vote for right person. The struggle is how to accommodate both of these societal characteristics. And the sentiments of its people attached to every religion cannot be overlooked just to win the vote. Thus, Politics is completely rooted on the Religion and if the Religion barrier is abetted, not only Politics but also our Nation will be clean. If these two things get mixed, then there will be no justice in this country.


So be in one. The leader of the political party should try extract and combine principles from religions and try to bind people through them.


Political parties should not prefer any religion in making any decision. I think that religion should not be mixed with politics.


Or discourage other parties to stop alluring people on various promises on religious benefit. Sometimes they also provocate the people by their speeches which results then in communal disharmony which is simply dangerous for the unity of our country. A small story: In my village three persons are nominate for the panchayati elections. After they win the elections, they disappear from the people and only benefit the few around them.


The problem arises when religious leaders restrict the freedom of people to follow their dharma. That's why politicians choose to favour that religion which has majority or whose maximum people support their incentives cause they think that using religion is atleast bearing them fruits to get in power in our country. Religions is just a way to recognise them. Some of the people make group themselves and opt for there religion one leader.