Easy Everyday Hair Styles for the Dog Days of Summer, Day 3: Wash-and-Wear Wow – Makeup and Beauty Blog

Oh, and by the way, this wash-and-wear style also sets you up for tomorrow’s look. 🙂 Don’t you love being prepared?” claims For this easy hair style, I used Oribe products again because right now “Or” is my “bae.”

See what I did there…? 🙂 OK, that was pretty lame.Ideally, it’s a styling balm that does a bit of everything — moisture, hold, a touch of smoothness, and hydration, of course!And ya know, it’s also an instant pick-me-up, too, because I swear, I stand up straighter and smile wider 🙂 when my hair is even just a little bit done.I don’t know if it’s because I’ve thoroughly embraced the triple “L”s (otherwise known as #lazyladylife), or if it’s because stepping outside right now feels like walking into the world’s largest oven, but I’m super into wash-and-wear hair right now.

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