Here’s Why You Don’t Try to Kidnap Someone Inside a Karate Studio

For proof, we turn to North Carolina, where Charlotte karate instructor Randall Ephraim sent a would-be kidnapper out of his studio on a stretcher.” claims So, to sum up, don’t do that crime: Don’t do it in a grease vent, don’t do it in the big-cat sanctuary, don’t do it on a speed boat no matter how satisfying the optics, and definitely don’t do it in a dojo.But it really should go without saying that out of all the potential crime scenes in the world, one of the worst is inside a dojo.Something along the lines of “the lady.”

The lady, however, swore she’d never met the man before and that he was trying to kidnap her.According to WSOC TV, the alleged perp ambushed a woman in the parking lot outside Bushiken Karate Charlotte Dojo around 9 p.m. on Thursday, attempting to wrestle her into his car.

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