Lipglossing Like It’s 1999 – Makeup and Beauty Blog

It doesn’t happen overnight… It’s a slow burn kinda thing, ha ha ha.” informs It’s funny to me when all ’90s makeup gets lumped together into a single category.Like, for lips it’s the ’90s matte lip look, and trust your homegirl when she says that everyone did not wear matte lips throughout the entire decade of the ’90s.Then you had 1999, 2000 and 2001, when it was all about glossy, frosty lips, which reminds me…remember when everyone and their mother was carrying a tube MAC Oystergirl?You also had different sub-eras, like the late ’90s — circa 1997-1998 — when everybody (at least everybody I knew who wore makeup) wore dark, unblended lip liner, frosty silver lipstick and clear lipgloss.

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