New ‘Venom’ Trailer Gives Us Our Best Look Yet at the Titular Symbiote (VIDEO)

There’s some quick looks at the character Drake turns into, which in this film is Riot, and his battle with Venom at the end of the trailer looks pretty epic.” writes After an absolutely stupid looking teaser and a mildly better but still pretty lame first trailer, this new trailer finally gives us a taste of what’s going on in the film.This latest trailer—which debuted at San Diego Comic Con earlier this month—is the best one yet, making the character of Venom seem like he might actually be able to carry his own film.The more we see from the new movie Venom, the more it seems like it’s not going to be the total disaster we all thought when the film was first announced. I’d expect him to become Carnage in a stinger scene at this point.

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