Russian Ballerina Says Dancers ‘Need to Eat Like Athletes’ for Their Powerful Performances

So you always have an awareness of your physicality and can adjust your diet if you feel you need to eat healthier or eat less sugar,” she says.” writes Professional athletes have to maintain a strict fitness and diet regimen — and ballerinas are no exception.Olga Smirnova is the 25-year-old prima ballerina for the Russian Bolshoi Ballet and the star of The Sleeping Beauty, a film version of the classic ballet that hits U.S. theaters March 10.Petersburg, Russia.But after years of training, she has her meals down to a science. “Before a performance you don’t want to be weighed down by a heavy meal, but you still need energy, so you would have a light meal a few hours before a show,” she explains. “After a show I definitely need to eat a full meal with protein.

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