Scones with jam and clotted cream can have more than 1,000 calories

To test the calorie content of scones, Northern Ireland’s 11 district councils assessed 57 plain, ‘luxury’ and fruit scones from local coffee shops and cafés.” reports And when enjoyed with clotted cream and jam, the indulgence can have more than 1,000 calories – half our recommended daily intake, the FSA adds.But the amount of sugar varied from 3.1g to 39.2g, with fruit scones being the sweetest.Results revealed a fruit scone was the most calorific with 750kcal and 39.2g of sugar – the same as a can of Coca Cola.Around 64 per cent of adults and 27 per cent of children aged two-to-15 in Northern Ireland are overweight or obese, the report revealed.

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